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Dora Lewis


The Lindley Band’s community group rehearse every Wednesday from 6.15pm at The Lindley Band HQ in Hollybank Road.

Aimed primarily, but certainly not exclusively, at youngsters starting out on their musical journey Neil Jowett has gathered together an impressive set of ‘mentors’, including ex-Brighouse Sheridan Fryer, ex-Black Dyke David Pogson, Derek Ruffell, and our own Martin Gledhill, Ian Gill, Nigel Simms, Neville Kaye and Nicola Sanderson, all of whom make themselves available to sit in to help when required.

In addition on selected engagements the mentors play alongside separately as “Senior Tower Brass” – all to assist and inspire the youngsters, and the not-so-youngsters.

If you, or someone you know is interested in learning an instrument, or taking it up again after a break, we would be pleased to see you. Instruments and tuition are available at any level to suit you, see the contacts page for details